Stanwick, Northamptonshire

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a glimpse into the past

The Romans

There was a Roman settlement in Stanwick and the site of a villa was pinpointed in 1979.


Trial trenching in 1984 by English Heritage exposed three mosaics attributed to the mid fourth century. Major archaeological excavations followed, and continued until 1991.


The Roman Villa site, close to Stanwick by-pass, revealed a particularly fine example of a villa floor mosaic, a cemetery, the foundations of a temple and other farm buildings and houses, making what must have been a small village.


These settlements were mostly deserted when the Roman Empire collapsed, though much of the Roman-British population survived. Society then changed as Roman Britain was transformed into Saxon England.


Excavations of a separate site - Redlands Farm Villa - in 1990 by the Oxford Archaeological Unit, revealed another winged corridor roman villa with a hypocaust and mosaic pavements which had been developed from the original 2-roomed watermill.


These excavations took place prior to the gravel extraction of 600 acres, and the whole area is now part of a £2 million recreational and wildlife facility, which was opened at Stanwick Lakes on Monday 16th January 2006.