Stanwick, Northamptonshire

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a glimpse into the past

The Old School

Old School, Stanwick R Molcher

The Upper School c.1900

23rd April 1838 - an application was made to the HM Treasury by the 'Proprietors and principal inhabitants of Stanwick' for a portion of the Education Grant towards the building of a National School in Stanwick.

31st August 1839 - a Trust Deed was signed for the provision of a school 'for the education of the children of the poor of the Parish of Stanwick', and enrolled in the court of Chancery on 20th September 1839.

1840 - A Parliamentary Building Grant of £54 was made in respect of the school.

27th October 1841 - the first reference to a Master's Salary.

1849 - the school was described in the History, Gazetteer and Directory of Northamptonshire as a 'neat stone building, having separate rooms for boys and girls, and apartments for the teachers.'

1864 - A  Parliamentary grant of £4.15.0 was made

1870 - A Parliamentary grant of £23.7.6 was made

16th June 1873 - Inspectors report that one room was divided into two by a partial partition (1ft 4ins thick) and a curtain, and 'were quite unfit for classrooms, being too low, damp, ill-lighted and not ventilated'.

15th June 1875 - an Indenture was drawn up and signed by the managers of the National School (Rector and Churchwardens) and the School Board, granting a 99 year Lease of the National School to the newly formed School Board.

1876 - extra land was purchased for the sum of £55 and the school was extended with the aid of a Public Works Loan of £615.10.

1892 - improvements were made to the roof, with the aid of a loan, to make the ceiling 'impervious to heat and cold' and the sill of one of the windows was lowered to 4ft from the floor, at a cost of £309.1.0.

2nd February 1895 - report from the Architects that new 'offices' (lavatories) had been built in the boys and girls playground, which had been divided by a new wall.  Alterations had been made 'in the cloakrooms', new 'Apex ventilators in the school, the making of a new drain', together with a 'door for boys, the addition of a glazed screen', a 'wall removed' and a 'door built up'.

2nd December 1898 - a public works loan was granted to remove the 'Gallery, lower 3 windows and widen the opening between the school and classroom'.

22nd March 1900 - Architects Certificate issued on completion of a new, separate, Infants School.

13th July 1931 - completion date of the extension and remodelling of the Infants School to become the Stanwick Junior and Infants Council School.

6th September 1931 - the Senior Mixed School was removed from the list of recognised Public Elementary Schools.

7th September 1931 - children from the Senior Mixed School relocated to schools in Raunds.

10th May 1932 - the Lease on the school was legally surrendered to, and was accepted by, the Trustees to be held upon the same trusts according to the Trust Deed dated 31st August 1839.

23rd September 1940 - the school was re-opened temporarily to accommodate 87 evacuee children and their 4 teachers.

2011 - Change of use from Village Hall to shop and coffee shop/bistro. Property sold.