Stanwick, Northamptonshire

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a glimpse into the past

Then & Now

Early 1900s - 'D. Bugby Grocer' - Hill Top Lane.

Newbridge Lane/East Street, Stanwick


2006 - Newbridge Lane/East Street

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I have seen two copies of this postcard.  


The first was postmarked '1914', addressed to Mrs. H Percival in Bedford, and displays a 1/2d stamp.


The second was posted at Stanwick on 16th September 1915, and was addressed to Sgt. FC Nutt, No. 2 Ward, Military Hospital, Colchester, Essex.

With almost 100 years between these two images, it is amazing how the street scene has hardly changed.  The shop is no longer there, but the window remains.  The wall along the front of the cottages has obviously been lowered, but is obviously the same wall.


The most obvious change is the presence of all the cars, and the road markings!


(I wonder just how long a dog would be able to sit in the middle of the junction today without being disturbed?!)