Stanwick, Northamptonshire

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a glimpse into the past

Boots & Shoes

Until the 18th century, employment in Stanwick was mainly agricultural, but then the village began to grow with the leather and boot industries.   According to a statistical survey of shoemakers in Northamptonshire, Stanwick returned a larger than average proportion of shoemakers to all listed men between 1762-81.


 Census records tell us that during the years 1841-1851, women began to be employed in the shoe trade as well.  Shoemaking at this time was carried out on an outwork basis, with the first shoe factory in Stanwick being built by Cave of Rushden in 1890.


The shoe factory closed in the 1970's and was put to a variety of business uses before being converted into homes.


1960s - Owen Smith's Shoe factory


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Owen Smith's Shoe factory as it was in the 1960s .... and how it is today!